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Soooooo, my idea from yesterday, ya know, that one? Well, I drew all the characters and stuff and I think that I should probably further explain... well, everything.  So, I made these weird characters two years ago and never really did anything with them, so, I've decided it'd be cool to make my own series. So far, I have 3 characters.  First is Peach, the sloth, triceratops, flying squirrel, porcepine thing.  He's always either angry or depressed and is kinda tsundere.  The next character I came up with is Plum, who is a mix between a panda, a fox and a hamster. She's usually really happy, but has a split personality, so she may try to kill you with a large knife :D.  And the l ast character I made is named Sunshine, who is a mix between a mole, a ferret and a kangaroo.  Although he is commonly mistaken for a girl, he is in fact a boy.  He often calls himself a "Pharmacist" and supplies Peach with stolen pills to help him cope with his depression.  Sunshine steals anything and everything he can't afford, and is extremely greedy, forcing Peach to overpay for drugs.  All the characters are failed results of an alchemic experiment who escaped and found their way into somebody's house.  They all live in different parts of the house (Sunshine lives in the medicine cabinet, Plum lives in an abandoned rat-hole, and Peach lives in a snack cabinet, under Sunshine).  I think I'm just gonna make little one page comics of them, maybe, if people like them, you can ask them questions and stuff.  Is this a good idea?
TheWantedWolf Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
just wait until i get your tablet what day is your bday again?
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Submitted on
January 2, 2013